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Amelia Pond lineart colored by ichiruki88 Amelia Pond lineart colored :iconichiruki88:ichiruki88 5 10
No, you don't
Her vision is blurry- like there is a permanent fog surrounding her head. Her bright orange bangs flit in and out of her peripheral vision, making every step feel like a rave. She's pretty sure that if she were still in her heels, her ankle would be broken (she can't walk right now, really, at least not in a straight line) and she's glad she ditched them- even if she can't remember where. If she were coherent, she would probably be furious at herself (they were quite expensive shoes), but when she's like this she just feels so free.
Things like shoes and where you left them just don't matter, and although it isn't a good thing to be drunk and wandering the streets, it feels good.
Or, it did, until the headache that slowly wound its way around her brain began pounding the insides of her skull, like a prisoner trying in vain to escape. She half wished she could just smash it open- set it free and be free of the pain as well. She can't, though, and she can't take any aspirin until
:iconichiruki88:ichiruki88 1 0
Dawn and May Pokemon Lineart Colored by ichiruki88 Dawn and May Pokemon Lineart Colored :iconichiruki88:ichiruki88 5 3 Painting My Wings by ichiruki88 Painting My Wings :iconichiruki88:ichiruki88 4 2 Sailor Moon Lineart Color (for shugonaruto) by ichiruki88 Sailor Moon Lineart Color (for shugonaruto) :iconichiruki88:ichiruki88 8 0 You Know How It Is by ichiruki88 You Know How It Is :iconichiruki88:ichiruki88 6 17 Touko Lineart by ichiruki88 Touko Lineart :iconichiruki88:ichiruki88 3 4 KIRIBAN by ichiruki88 KIRIBAN :iconichiruki88:ichiruki88 0 0 SeeU lineart colored by ichiruki88 SeeU lineart colored :iconichiruki88:ichiruki88 5 8 Pokemon girl lineart colored by ichiruki88 Pokemon girl lineart colored :iconichiruki88:ichiruki88 6 2 Slenderman, Slenderman by ichiruki88 Slenderman, Slenderman :iconichiruki88:ichiruki88 2 0 The Lone Noodle by ichiruki88 The Lone Noodle :iconichiruki88:ichiruki88 1 6
I Can't Say It
I can't say it.
I try, I really do.
But…my brain won't let me, no matter how much my heart wants it.
Those three little words.
"I love you."
But today, I'm hoping that will change.
No matter the problems in the past,
I'm going to try my hardest to tell you today.
"Meet me at the intersection."
Our special place, our first meeting, our hangout spot, our first kiss.
I walk.
It is sprinkling, but I like it.
It gives the air a nice feeling, and I know it won't stop me now.
I've prepared myself. I love you.
I see you walking from across the street, and the excitement in my heart builds up.
I can feel my eyes light up, and then shatter within as the sight before me takes place in reality.
Oh, cruel fate. How you toy with our foolish hearts.
Many things flash through my mind, as I saw you, running, and the car, trying to stop.
He would have been able, had the road not been so wet.
Had I not wanted to meet you in the rain.
I stand there motionless as the driver runs to you.
As your blood
:iconichiruki88:ichiruki88 4 14
Pokepals by ichiruki88 Pokepals :iconichiruki88:ichiruki88 5 4 Im Giving You A Hug by ichiruki88 Im Giving You A Hug :iconichiruki88:ichiruki88 1 2
Rain an Ichiruki songifc
Take a photograph, it'll be the last
Not a dollar or a crowd could ever keep me here.
I don't have a past, I just have a chance
Not a family or honest plea remains to say
Rukia sighed. It was the last day before Spring break, and Keigo was running around trying to snap pictures of everyone again. Needless to say, Ichigo was equally pissed. Neither of them enjoyed having their faces on film, live or pictures. "Rukia! It's your turn!" He squealed, running over to her. "No, Keigo." She replied, crossing her arms. "But why?" He whined. "Ichigo, will you take a picture with her? Pleeaassee?" He pleaded with his orange-haired friend. "If Rukia will then I guess I don't mind." He said, walking over to her. She smiled. "Okay." So Keigo got in front of them with the camera. "Alright! Cheese in 3…2…1…go!" He squinted as the bright flash went off and the picture was taken.  "You guys will see the picture tomorrow!" He yelled, running off. Today was the first day Rukia wou
:iconichiruki88:ichiruki88 2 4


So i figured i'd make another one because thats like 6 months haha whoops.

How are you if you're reading this? I hope you're good! I've been pretty swell. I passed my math class last quarter and im pretty sure some other being stepped in to get me that grade because I sure as hell didn't pass that class on my own. I also just got my Twitch hoodie so im pretty hype about that <3

Pretty soon I will be done with school for this year and then I get to relax, and also learn how to drive (which im super scared about :( ), and then go back to school so I can graduate and move on to University >w< scary but exciting!!
ALSO!! I'm like 80% sure I will be going to PAX Prime this year!!! Im so hype! So if you will be there I would absolutely love to say hi to you!! <33

I think that's it lol. Oh actually also I have a 360 now so if you want to play games with me do not hesitate to hit me up with your gamertag boi I have literally no one to play with. Also Steam!!

Okay that's it for real now byyyyyyyeee~ <333333333333333333333333333333333333
  • Listening to: Better Off This Way- A Day to Remember
  • Reading: English novels :(
  • Watching: Youtube. Mainly RoosterTeeth/Game Grumps :)
  • Playing: L.A. Noire and Portal 2
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Water boi


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ichiruki88's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hey there! I'm Casey. Most of the time I'm watching stuff on YouTube, like Achievement Hunter or Game Grumps, but I also enjoy playing video games and reading, along with watching TV (though really only through Netflix). If you play Pokemon or Animal Crossing New Leaf, hit me up with your friend code, please!:) If you happen to enjoy some of the same things I do, feel free to talk about them with me- I enjoy meeting people with similar interests! Ships and shit are below so take a gander if you want to find out about those, or don't read it if you don't care. Below that will be some stuff I'm interested in if you want to see stuff we have in common or don't :)

Current Residence: My computer chair
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Punk, Alternative, some pop and some classical here and there. My music genres are all over the place haha
MP3 player of choice: i have an iPhone so i just use that
Favourite television characters: Katara from A:TLA is one of my all time faves, as well as Rukia from Bleach. Recently I really like Marco from Star vs the Forces of Evil bc I am kids cartoon trash.
Personal Quote: i don't really know tbh. Something meme related probably. I also get a lot of the stuff I say from Achievement Hunter, mainly Ray (who is my icon).

My ships if you sail the seas:
Terezi <3 Karkat (fuckin OTP)
Dave <3 Jade
Rose <3 Kanaya
Rose <3 John (i dont know its really cute okAY)
Jade <3 Davesprite
Jadesprite <3 Davesprite
Jade <3 Karkat (whOOPS)
Sollux <3 Aradia
Sollux <3 Feferi
Dirk <3 Jake
and i kind of pretty much ship John <3 Dave
Nepeta <> Equius (obv)
Karkat <> Kanaya (so goddamn hard)
Sollux <> Terezi
thats about it OTL

Doctor Who:
10xDonna (friendship)

Harry Potter:
HarryxHermione (sorry Romione lovers)
RemusxTonks (omg)

Ichiruki (if you hadnt guessed)

Soul Eater:
Black StarxTsubaki

If there's another fandom I like and you want to know what my ships are or whatever, feel free to ask :)

And, finally, a few of the things I'm interested in are listed below, in case you want to start a convo or are just curious :)

LetsPlay (Achievement Hunter)
Rooster Teeth
PressHearttoContinue (Dodger/DexBonus)

Tina Dayton (
Ray Narvaez Jr (
Geoff (
Connor (

Doctor Who
Harry Potter
Parks and Rec
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Danny Phantom
Star vs the Forces of Evil

and anything else listed above :)
Thanks for reading! <3


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